The simultaneous word is of Latin origin and corresponds to one-to-one in Turkish. Simultaneous interpreting or translation is the process of communicating verbally from one language to another. These languages are generally described as target and source languages. Simultaneous interpreting is the process of transferring what the speaker says to all listeners at the same time, without losing any meaning and emphasis, to the target language, through using special equipment and interpreters’ cabins. Simultaneous translation, which is one of the oral translation types, must be simultaneous. The translator continues to translate his/her words while the speaker is still speaking and generating content. Usually, from the moment the speaker starts talking, there is a difference of approximately 30 seconds between the interpreter and the translator. In the audio-proof cabinet, the speaker is fully focused on the speaker, and the speaker continues to transmit from its microphone to the speakers.

Sky Istanbul Translation (MESH Language Services) offers high quality simultaneous translation services with specialized translators for conferences, meetings, seminars or any organization organized for commercial purposes. We provide reliable translation and interpretation services for your organization with our experienced project managers, high-tech simultaneous translation equipment, well-trained technicians and highly qualified conference interpreter team in over 100 languages. The fact that our customers choose us again from year to year is a great indication of the quality and service we offer.

Why is simultaneous translation important?

In essence, simultaneous translation is the perfect solution for meetings where people come together in different native languages. Simultaneous translation is widely used in medium and large-scale conferences, congresses or symposiums, international meetings and meetings, sports events and live broadcasts, in short, in events with many participants from different languages. Our interpreters will eliminate the different language barriers that exist for you, so that people who come together for the same event can fully understand each other.

Simultaneous translation services are preferred because they can effectively destroy language barriers that often affect communication between people who speak the native language of different countries. For example, if you host foreign delegations in an event, they will need to be provided with the necessary language support, so that their language will not be an obstacle for them to enjoy while they are speaking. In such a case, simultaneous translation will be the ideal method, allowing delegates or participants to follow the event in real time.

In our simultaneous translations, the speaker transfers the words to the desired language instantly, without any loss of time or meaning, without any errors with Sky Istanbul translation guarantee. 

How Is Simultaneous Translation Done?

The basic operation of simultaneous translation consists of 3 main parts;

  • Speaker performs on the microphone in the target language.  This target language may vary depending on which language speakers use.
  • The speaker’s speech is transmitted directly to the Interpreter, who is located in a soundproof cabin and is completely locked to the speaker with the headset.
  • The interpreter simultaneously speaks to a microphone via the “target language” which is broadcast to the participants via wireless headphones. This allows participants to speak directly to them in real time as if they were speaking in native language.

Simultaneous translation requiring a very great experience in translation and representation is a service organization requires effort. Apart from the necessary technical equipment, the efficiency of simultaneous translation is increased by having similar experiences, preparation for speech, and extensive sector knowledge in the languages they specialize in the field which are subject to the community. For example, at the conference held in the field of medicine or law, it is important to know the technical terms in the speech and to study them in advance. Interpreters have the right to take a written text of the conversation in advance and work on it. The purpose here is to prevent errors. Unfortunately, misalignment of any word can lead to different negativities. This causes communication gaps in the organization and sometimes loss of meaning of speech. The experience is consistent with that because there is not too much pause for the interpreter, participants would like to listen to the speaker in the most perfect way.

In addition, it requires a lot of equipment to organize an event that requires simultaneous translation. To give examples, microphones, headphones, receivers and cabinets can be listed. The size of the event, the variety of languages, the number of headset and the stages of testing are the main factors that affect each other.

Sky Istanbul Translation has certified expertise in the fields of simultaneous interpreting and translation services within it and ensures successful execution of the flow with its expertise. Advanced language knowledge on the target language, technical experience and diction features must be in instant translation.

How Do We Achieve Success in Simultaneous Translation?

Depending on the subject, duration and flow of the event, there is an increase in the number of translators in our isolated cabs. For example, our translators in our team put together a work force equal to a 65-page translation on an average working day of 6 hours. Our translators who are charged with simultaneous translation in an event are working for a maximum of 6 hours within 1 day in periods. Our interpreter team can’t take part alone in any activity that exceeds an hour and a half. There is a second interpreter in the events that exceeded one and a half hours. The length of work of a two-person interpreter team does not exceed 6 hours. The number of our team is increasing to 3 in 6 hours. The aim of this is to ensure that simultaneous translation, which requires high tempo and intensive concentration, is perfect. This type of translation, in which educated interpreters and good equipment are required, is performed instantly, so the whole team is kept and rested.

Simultaneous Translation with Sky Istanbul Translation difference

We, as Sky Istanbul Translation, realize that misinterpreting something is worse than not interpreting at all. So we carefully examine the applicants for simultaneous interpreting and understand them, as well as placing only the most appropriate simultaneous interpreting specialist in the organization according to the appropriate level of education and experience. Because simultaneous translation requires more than just speaking two languages; A good simultaneous translator needs extensive training and continuous work to keep his skills alive. All translators continuously carry their abilities to a higher level, work and develop the terminology of the topics they specialize in.

What is the difference between consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpreting?

Consecutive interpretation is the most common interpretation. It is the situation in which the interpreter and his/her commentaries speak repeatedly. Each one waits for the other to finish before the conversation begins. For example, a Japanese speaker would say something and then the interpreter would pause interpreting for what he said to a British speaker. Then the English speaker responds and stops and the translator transmits the answer to the Japanese speaker.

On the other hand simultaneous translation is used when the interpreter and the person who is interpreting speaks simultaneously. The interpreter can listen and comment simultaneously from within a headphone, microphone and sound-proof cabinet. This type of translation is usually used in conferences or large organizations.

If you are not sure which type of translation you need, you can get support from our team. With the planning and research we will do for you, you can easily find the type of translation you need.

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