Web Site Translation Services

Web Site Translation Services;

Since our establishment Sky Istanbul Translation has specialized in website translation and localization with 20 years of experience. Using high-end technology, we have developed leading website translation solutions by combining the experience of our stakeholders in this field with our experienced translator network. This enables hundreds of professional companies to carry out their website translation and localization efforts.

Having a multilingual website is one of the most effective ways to reach new markets and customers. People want to speak, read and interact in their native language. So they feel more comfortable. Therefore, when they encounter a website that offers products and services in their own language, they are much more motivated to use your services and products. As a result, the multi-language option, no doubt, is the most important and effective way to increase interaction, regardless of which area your business is located in.

Why Website Translation?

In today’s digital world, no business can achieve the desired goals without a website. Whether you’re a company that sells certain products or a small business with just a few pages of web site! Since your website is the showcase that visitors see, your customers get the first impressions from your website.  If you want to grow your business globally, you can do a great first-rate translation of your site on target languages. Your translation saves you from drifting to an unknown point and leads you to your goals in the way of taking your place in the international business world.

Express yourself easily with website translation…

Technological advances, rapid access and instant services have led to radical changes in our lives and to the evolution of our ways of doing business. Today we have the opportunity to interact with people anywhere in the world every second.

Translating the website to the target language will represent you much better online, or you will have a much more positive impact on all the relevant parties, whether you have domestic or foreign counterparts.

Having your website is an inevitable need in the world we live in. Thus, your website will serve your potential and existing customers and partners as a clear, descriptive and accessible source of information. Therefore, apart from the well-designed and visual appeal of your website, you should also have full, accurate language support for your products and business area. High quality content should be translated into the target language with accurate information. As a result, an ordinary visitor can only be a user of yours as a result of translating your website into their own language.

Professional site Translation and Construction

For your translation, our translators are experienced in the field of software and web processes at the same time. Your website may contain many different languages as an infrastructure; PHP, ASP, HTML, Xhtml,Net, XML, SQL, JavaScript, CSS, etc, with even mobile and desktop applications, and all these coding languages require a rigorous study. We know the importance of website localization and translation. Do not allow ordinary applications or software that automatically translates your site to harm your brand. Get a flawless website with completely user-friendly and professional translation.

What Is Website Localization?

Website localization is the re-generation of the cultural and technical characteristics of the content in addition to the website translation in terms of both legal dimensions and user habits in accordance with the target language. In this way, the website is away from the image of being a foreign company or service. Research shows that people spend a lot more time on their own language and return to the site more frequently. If you want to have a long-term presence in the industry you are competing with and be in front of your competitors, you should review a rigorous and quality website translation.

This website makes you an invariably brand in the eyes of the users you want to interact with. There may be more than one variation in a language. Although English, American English, or Australian English seem to be the same language, it contains very subtle and significant differences. In some other languages, such differences may be sharper. We can show the most striking example of this situation in Chinese. All these details should be designed before translation.

Seo Compatible Website Translation; 

A more effective result is achieved by considering SEO on the websites we translate. We take into account many aspects such as correct translation of keywords, translation of subtitles, translation of meta descriptions, explanations and title translations. This will increase the organic traffic in the foreign language to your site.

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