Technical Translation

What Is Technical Translation?

Technical translation is a kind of translation used in the world of globalization in the simplest sense to ensure the flow of information between countries and individuals with different languages. From the simplest product you use to a state-of-the-art device, it’s important to fully understand the content and convey all the details to the users. The correct translation of the language is one of the most important works that must be taken in the global market in which we live. It is in your best interest to convey a huge amount of information to your customers and people connected to your network very quickly and efficiently. For this reason, many documents, such as support documents for your products or services, user manuals, product patents, compatibility and quality documentation, must be translated by a professional expert who has worked on your industry on time and before. Because each field contains its own specific terms and needs specific expertise, we make translation and editor appointments in technical translation type according to your project and sector.

Technical literature or translation of documents and other translations of plain text should not be compared. Because the relevant professional expertise has created the necessity of interpreters who know the field of study not only theoretically but also practically; the concept we call field translator is one of the most referenced methods in technical translation.

Technical translation is a form of translation with definite judgments. It asks for accuracy and clarity. What is important in technical translation is the preservation and transfer of technical content of the document. For example, consider the manual describing the installation of a product, the user of the translated document should be able to follow the specific instructions given and make the contents of the manual as a person reading the text from the original language.

In Which Fields Technical Translation Is Used?

Technical translation should appear as a product of a work that demands quality and precision. Our technical translation in over 50 languages is widely used in the automotive sector, transportation, electricity and electronics sector, consulting, furniture industry, software and computers, logistics, telecommunication, construction sector, architecture, chemical industry, mechanical industry, agriculture, health sector and textiles.

Notary Public Sworn Translation;

Technical translation is requested, certified and notarized can be done. It is natural to demand this because the translated documents are prepared for use in important places. This demonstrates the professionalism of the translation agency as well as the translation service provider to ensure its own safety. Sky Istanbul Translation provides notary approved and sworn translation services in the translation of technical documents as in all translation types.

The Importance of Technical Translation;

Today, the partnership of domestic and foreign companies is increasing and the volume of cooperation has grown steadily in recent years. This also leads to an increase in the amount of shared information. Therefore, it is inevitable that the need for technical translation will become more popular. Since technical translation is of great importance in terms of intelligibility and communication, it has a very different value for companies and brands. Unlike any translation, just knowing the language or being able to translate is not enough for technical translation. If we consider that there may be material damages, market losses or accidents and injuries as the worst scenario, we can understand more easily how important this kind of translation is. Incorrect translation of a technical product may cause damage to persons using this product or may lead to incorrect promotion of the product.  For this reason, the person who is expert in the field of technical translation should be aware of the technical terms and know the current technology of the sector.

Technical translation requires precision work and responsibility. For example, installation and usage instructions of a kitchen appliance should be translated in accordance with the terminology and one-to-one. To complicate or misrepresent the narration, it distorts the relevant document from its intended purpose, as it complicates the installation and use of the device. Therefore, it will be beneficial for both sides to appoint expert translators who know the language and who know the area. After examining all the documents required for technical translation provided by Sky Istanbul Translation, the process is started by assigning the most appropriate expert to the sector.

If you want to get more information about your technical translation and price quote, you can deliver your sample document to us and get support from our team at any time.

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