Redaction Service

What Is Redaction Service?

The basic meaning of redaction is that the translation is made ready for publication by making the necessary corrections on a finished text. Sky Istanbul Translation conducts a pre-translation review of all kinds of documents such as articles, presentations, theses, essays, poems, novels, homework, and any kind of document, in terms of terms of language compliance testing, language knowledge and page format. 

Our goal is to meet the growing redaction demands especially on foreign languages and to ensure the accuracy of your documents. We carry out the reading, writing and editing services of many professional documents such as doctoral theses, research papers, articles and books with a professional approach.

We have helped many senior academic roles, including professors, journalists and researchers, by rewriting many professional works before being accepted for publication. Without redaction, it is almost impossible the work to be accepted. For example, the English spelling and grammar errors will be directly noticeable since you did not make corrections on your first submission, regardless of whether the document submitted for approval will be reviewed in English language. In such cases, the second applications are accepted to be published at the end of the reviews and corrections made in the texts of our customers who have reached us.  Our team of editors and expert proofreaders provide you with the redaction service that you need and enable you to take more precise steps in your work.

According to the media where your content will be published, for example, this may be an academic and scientific journal; the author’s instructions must be strictly adhered to. Failure to follow the author’s instructions may result in a negative return on to you, regardless of the content. If any English language content contains too many grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors, you will face the same result again. With our academic and literary magazine editors and our spell checkers, you can solve any problem with your content immediately and speed up the process for you.

The Importance of Redaction;

Preparing an academic or scientific paper to be published in various fields brings with it very difficult processes. Generating interesting content and linking the reader are just a few of these processes. The language in which the article is addressed must be clear and fluent in order to effectively transfer much complex information. References must be correct and complete and comply with all the rules stated in the guidelines. Sky Istanbul Translation’s editorial support and editorial services will help you fix and strengthen these aspects of your article. This shall significantly increase your chances of success in transactions requiring approval.

In Which Areas Is Redaction Service Used?

There are many documents that can be addressed within the framework of redaction. Some of these are academic articles and texts, legal contracts, press releases, doctoral theses, presentations, advertisement texts, commercial agreements, medical documents and literary documents. The main factor in the quality of all these documents is the grammar, punctuation and the requirements of the target language. The main factors that are needed for the provision of written communication and the correct understanding of texts in cases where the translation is necessary are to generate correct punctuation and zero typographical errors.

Security Guarantee and Expert Support…

All our experts and auditors working in Sky Istanbul Translation have to pass stringent entry reviews. In addition, the work of all translators and auditors is regularly checked. Our difference from other translation services stems from the fact that all specialists working in our translation and are certified and verified by exams. This way we guarantee the most effective service for you. In addition, the information you share with Sky Istanbul Translation is kept in absolute Confidence and Privacy. We guarantee to keep your personal information and your text confidential. All personal data and documents are stored on our private security devices and encrypted equipment.

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