Medical Translation

What Is Medical Translation?

Medical translation means the translation of all the documents covering the medical and health fields. All the medical documents that can be considered in this type of translation, which we present both verbally and in writing, are covered by this translation.  For example, the translation of a book written on a nose spray’s prospectus or organ transplant can be specified. With medical translation you can get the translation of the documents you want, thanks to the expert and experienced translators in the field of medical translation. This allows you to localize your documents and the result is 100 % accurate. With our deep experience, we provide the services required for simple hospital reports, the use of technical medical equipment, and difficult clinical researches, as well as the translation services in all languages for hospitals, doctors, patients, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies.  In the hands of translators with a medical background or experience, the translations take place in two stages and are controlled by using appropriate terminology. The fact that there is more than one quality control level in medical translation, which requires a precise procedure and up-to-date knowledge, is the most important factor in increasing the reliability of the translation.

The translator must know the medical terminology in order to communicate between two languages at a professional level. One of our biggest features that make us successful in medical translation is the appointment of translators according to the relevant document field. All of our medical translators and medical editors have sufficient training and experience in the field of translation. Our pharmaceutical companies, clinical research laboratories and institutions, medical device manufacturers, biotech companies and executives in related institutions rely on Sky Istanbul Translation for the translation of the most sensitive documents. Our client-trusted translation methods and professional staff ensure that high-value confidential information and documents are translated consistently and accurately.

Why medical translation with Sky translation?

Medical translation is a matter of utmost importance. Therefore, our medical translation team consists of physicians and academicians. The oral or written translation services you receive from our medical experts will generate the effect you are targeting and will satisfy you in terms of price efficiency. By understanding the confidentiality and sensitive structure of your medical work and the organization you conduct, Sky Istanbul Translation protects your security and privacy and completes your work.

You can always receive support from our expert translator team for medical organizations that host in many languages such as conference calls, meetings, seminars or conferences.

The Importance of Medical Translation

Medical translation requires only responsibility that can be given by professionals specializing in the health sector.  It takes a certain discipline to solve the complexity of the content and to give the message that the document wants to convey correctly. Because there is no room for error in these document translations which usually affect human life and must be translated correctly. In this translation work, where even a word can cause problems, you may encounter problems with translations made by non-professional people. Therefore, competence of the team will be decisive in all aspects when requesting translation services.

Incorrect medical translation can lead to serious legal and medical consequences. Therefore, a very strict quality control process has been developed for every document we translate. For your medical translation, an interpreter will be employed to meet all of the needs of your text and after the completion of the translation, the control of the documents translated into the target language will be carried out carefully. As a final stage, the documents in source and target languages will be reviewed in detail once again. Since the high quality control standards of the documents are passed through an intensive control process, the quality of the work is guaranteed.

How Does the Translation Procedure Work?

First of all, the process begins by transmitting the text or document you wish to make the medical translation to us. The study is transferred to the relevant translator by classifying the document according to the language and specialization field. The translation process begins after the delivery time and the remaining incomplete information is provided to you. Specialist translators and editors in the field of translation process are also supervising the study. As a final step, translations are made ready to be delivered by passing through a second check. Delivery is completed with the format you have already communicated to us for delivery.

The medical translation issues and documents we provide are as follows:

-Forensics reports,

-Operation reports,

-Medical analysis reports,

– Research papers,

– Scientific studies and articles,

-Scientific reports,

– Doctor and health reports,

– Patient information and patient reports,

– Diagnosis of diseases,

– Drug catalogs,

– Pharmaceutical patents

– Drug prospectuses,

-Pharmaceutical promotional documents,

-Clinical trials,

-Clinical reports,

-Clinical presentation papers and congress texts,

-Documents of medical equipment and tools,

-Documents of medical equipment units,

-Patents of medical products,

-Medical publications,

-Patent applications,


-Health certificates,

-Analysis results,

-Diagnosis and treatment documents,

– Documents of medical instruments, equipment and tools,

-Medical books,

-Technical specifications of medical device,

-Medical articles and reports,

-Medical congress and conference presentations,

-Medical product brochures,

-Medical product license and patents,

-Expert reports,

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