Legal Translation

What Is Legal Translation?

Legal translation is a type of translation that has emerged as a result of people interacting with different languages over time. The law is the whole of the laws that regulate the life of society and that have become an indispensable part of our day. We now actively use almost 80 languages to understand the laws of different languages, to interact with them at the legal level, and to express ourselves effectively.

In order for the legal translation to be of high quality and to include integrity, each word and punctuation must not contain the slightest mistake or meaning. Even the slightest errors in important documents of this type can cause the document to be empty or rejected.  However, legal translation, which emerged as a result of a complete and dedicated study, is among the successful types of translation carried out by our team on dozens of documents every day. Our experience in the field of translation and law has made us a team of the most preferred and language services among the law firms in Turkey and abroad. One of the main reasons we are preferred in the field of law is our expertise in legal translation. Our experienced jurist staff on international and national law ensures that documents are translated with 100% confidence.

Should the legal translation documents be certified and notarized?

For translations in the field of law, a sworn translation or a notary approved translation requirement can be sought for documents. The reason for this requirement is that the translated documents are used in a different language and have a legal aspect. As an example, let’s assume that this is a custody case. It is natural to seek notary approval for legal documents translated from Turkish to English. The most important thing you need to do for this is to get service from a notary approved translation office.

Our Expertise in Legal Translation;

Our legal translators are very competent in the fields of law. This also means that they can understand and interpret the laws very well. Knowing the legal obligations and concepts of the target language in translation ensures that legal translation is correct. Our staff specialized in different fields; legal and commercial agreements, legal correspondence, international agreements, distributorship contracts, minutes of meetings, petitions, laws and regulations, court applications and judgments, power of attorney and declarations, patent agreements, diploma passport, ID card, student and transcripts, intercollegiate equivalence documents will provide you with the best translation service.

Why legal translation with Sky Istanbul Flex Translation?

All our legal translators have been carefully selected from their fields and have proved their expertise with the necessary examinations. This means that only translators and editors with the appropriate features and qualifications will work on your documents. At the end of the day, you can count on the fact that even the most complex legal documents you have submitted to us will be forwarded to you correctly. Some members of our legal translation team are licensed attorneys.  Thus, when your documents are completed, you have no doubt that only professional translators with professional qualifications are working and you will get the right legal translation.

Oral Interpretation in Judicial Institutions;

Apart from the written translation, oral interpreters are required in cases requiring court or mediation.  Interpreters should have other qualifications for the field of law, unlike in other areas. In addition to translation, he / she should know the legal obligations and procedures related to the transaction. However, it is necessary to transmit the necessary identity documents and oath documents to the court board or related units at the time of the court or in the place where it should be located. In the case of bilateral relations or agreements in many areas of life, oral legal translation is preferred to ensure that individuals fully understand each other.

Which documents and transactions are subject to legal translation?

This coverage includes many documents and transactions. But the most translated documents and procedures can be listed as follows:

– Business and contract agreements,
– Declarations,
– Divorce case documents,
– The documents related to inheritance transactions,
– Specifications,
– Regulations,
– The documents that are subject to purchase and sale,
– Documents of commitment,
– Articles of Association of foundations,
– Legal applications,
– Protest documents,
– Identity Card, passport and such documents,
– Minutes and Notification documents,
– Proxy and power of attorney,
– Petition documents,
Inheritance announcements
– Legal reports.

Legal Localization:

Sky Translation offers regional localization and translation services, including all the local languages you need. We have been providing localization service for over 20 years to ensure that the parties understand each other clearly, without confronting disputes and problems that are often encountered in legal translations. Localization will be sufficient for you to notify us of the language and region you wish to localize and to deliver your document to us. Our employees and our partners at different locations outside the country with appropriate legal translation and localization is delivered with our prices.

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