Consecutive Translation

What Is Consecutive Translation?

Consecutive translation is demanded for job interviews, training meetings, seminars and conferences, guided tours, phone calls, hosting foreign guests or many other similar events. At such events, the interpreter usually continues after the speaker, with the translator repeatedly passing sentences without disrupting the integrity of the conversation. Communication has been the basic need of every age from past to present. Today, the modern communication service, which we describe as consecutive translation, has actually emerged as the oldest and deepest type of translation throughout human history. Communication with precision is critical for global jobs, especially when it comes to legal, medical and technical issues. It is therefore difficult to communicate with people who speak different languages during information transfer and chat. Consecutive translation is the solution to the difficulties caused by such situations and the best way to prevent mistakes during a person’s interaction with a different language. Consecutive interpreting is mainly spoken in such areas as commercial negotiations, business agreements, commercial meetings, excursions, official openings, launch meetings, cocktails, business dinners and press conferences. Consecutive interpreter repeats what is said after the speaker in the target language. At the same time, a special note-taking technique is used to accurately convey the message. If you plan to make your event more interactive and attract the attention of the audience, consecutive translation and interpretation should be preferred.

There are two types of consecutive interpretation. These are long and short translations. Long consecutive interpreting is used in more traditional and more formal or high-level events. The part to be interpreted and translated may be up to 5-10 minutes or sometimes longer. In the meantime, the successor translator uses a system based on taking notes to catch the meaning of speech and not make mistakes. Short consecutive interpretation is simpler and usually limited to one sentence. Translation is usually done by the translator without taking notes by relying on the translator’s memory. Our interpreters can easily receive service in long and short modes in all events. The successor translator must have a good education, a good analysis among other language requirements, the ability to take notes, and the ability to speak against the public. Sky Istanbul Translation provides professional consecutive interpreters to fully support you in any event and help you achieve your goals. 

Why Consecutive Translation Services with Sky Istanbul Translation?

Sky Istanbul Translation is involved in more than a thousand consecutive translation projects in Turkey and abroad every year.  Our experience in providing consecutive interpreting services includes nuclear industry, machinery, energy engineering, oil and gas, metallurgy, economics and finance, telecommunications and IT, sports, culture and art, tourism and many other industrial areas. Our most preferred languages include English, German, French, Spanish, Finnish, Arabic, traditional Chinese and Japanese. However, the interpretation of rare languages such as Swahili, Amharic, Malay and Afrikaans enjoy an increasing demand. In addition to all of these, we make your choice of consecutive interpreters according to your field, the experience of the interpreter in similar fields, the business ethics of the sector and the protocol.

The Popularity of Consecutive Translation

Inter-country borders are disappearing a little more every second and inter-country borders are being moved to the highest level. The innovations introduced by the technology and communication age for companies are the basis for more competition today, while the people who offer services in many different areas meet with their colleagues and followers in different countries.  Today, when the concept of time and communication is of great importance, it is possible to resolve international agreements and compromises under a friendly framework eliminate language differences in large meetings or organizations where individuals belonging to the same sector or professional group come together, and overcome language barriers in a seminar or press conference with a completely consecutive translation.  Consecutive translation is a network of communication used in many different organizations and is in much demand due to the advantages it provides. Thanks to the rapid and effective communication power, this translation type has become increasingly sought by many people and organizations.

 How Does the Translation Service Work?

The word consecution has the meaning of relocation. From this perspective, consecutive translation can be defined as the transfer of a conversation in any language at a specific time to the listeners without disturbing the rules and meaning integrity of the conversation. In the simplest case, it can be expressed as an instant translation for the establishment of a cross-language bridge. When you want to take advantage of our services, you can apply to us in the first place and specify where and in which sector the service will be provided. We support you in business, art and politics, diplomatic relations, international conferences, world summits, scientific symposiums, commercial relations,  food business, press and agency services, health tourism, doctor and patient relations, tourism and travel organizations, film, photography, music, exhibitions and consecutive interpreting services  that we provide in all organizations you are in.

What are the Roles of Consecutive Translation?

There are a number of rules and actors for consecutive translation. Usually these actors can be thought of at a table. These actors are classified as speakers, interpreters and listeners. Here, the main thing between actors is that the translator, the speaker, will translate all the words out of the mouth to the audience quickly and thoroughly.

The organization chart in consecutive translation services is shaped around these three headings.  The most basic requirement for consecutive interpreting is undoubtedly the translator’s expertise in spoken language and target language. In many areas where instant interaction and communication with different languages are inevitable, consecutive translation is among the most popular translation services today.

For instance, as a speaker in an important medical organization, you may be in an event with English and French participants. Your accompanying interpreter takes notes and transfers them back to the community after you have stopped talking for a certain period of time. In the same way, he/she conveys questions or opinions from the community to you.

What Are the Advantages of Consecutive Translation?

With consecutive translation, you can easily interact and compromise without the need for batch interactivity, with rapid communication, time-saving through technical hardware and infrastructure services. Some of the advantages of this kind of oral translation are as follows.

  • Consecutive language translation and interpretation facilitates simultaneous or consecutive verbal or sign language communication between users of different languages.
  • The most important feature of consecutive interpreting is that individuals or institutions appear professional both during formal and Corporate Communication and are able to save time by communicating easily.
  • The consecutive translator is the person who transforms a thought or expression into a “real time” expression in a comparable meaning in a target language. The function of the consecutive interpreter communicates every conversation element and every intention and feeling of the message that the source language speaker wishes to direct. That way, you can be sure that your conversation doesn’t lose meaning or emotion.
  • Unlike simultaneous translation, it may require a simpler installation, usually no hardware or any other device.
  • Consecutive language translation ensures the quality of service in consecutive interpreting; interpreters need comprehensive qualifications and training certificates.  Apart from the language science skills, the experience of our translators with different experiences in many fields is of great importance in terms of translation success.

In order to benefit from consecutive interpreting, it would be wrong to focus not only on the best interpreters and translators, but also on the professional support of a company with proven experience. That’s why we offer a complete translation and interpretation solution that contains everything you need to improve the organization’s success.

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