Commercial Translation

What Is Commercial Translation?

Commercial translation is a type of translation that covers all documents used in the business environment. Correspondence, delivery notes, letters of guarantee, company accounts, auctions and offers, financial reports, contracts, promissory notes, company brochures and magazines, newsletters are the best examples.  The most important requirement of commercial translation is to know the terminology of the sector used in the business area and to have sufficient knowledge. Translation often comes to people’s minds only as the main text is translated into the desired language.  However, due to the increase in interaction and the presence of many different sectors, the translation of documents containing commercial issues has become a field of expertise on its own. The main areas of commercial translation are the finance sector, import export, banking and insurance sectors. In the transactions made in these important areas, translations do not remove errors and are sometimes preferred as certified or notarized.

The Importance of Commercial Translation

In the banking, insurance and finance sectors where the money flow and the accounts are handled as the main subjects, the translation can never be tolerated. Regardless of the commercial document made, the policy, tax board or declaration error will never and will never be accepted.  It is sometimes difficult for many people to understand commercial documents even in their own language, and it is another area of care and expertise to properly communicate to the target language.

In other countries where commercial relations are concerned, the complete completion of negotiations and written documents is possible with effective and experienced interpreters in the field of the positive continuation of commercial interests without damaging them. Our team will help you get to different locations and masses quickly without having to waste time on the trade translations you need.

Your communication with companies outside the country and your exchange of information with foreign people or brands operating in the country is gaining shape with commercial translation. Providing reports about the company, annual activity balance sheet and income expense documents, documents that are subject to import and export, invoices and other similar information are reliably presented to your service with Sky Translation.

Security and confidentiality of commercial translation;

The confidentiality of texts which are subject to trade and which concern commercial relations is extremely important. Therefore, ensuring confidentiality for all parties is absolutely essential. Translation agencies should take responsibility for the documents to be translated and ensure your privacy. This reveals that ensuring confidentiality is the responsibility of the translation office. In addition, it is necessary to make transactions in accordance with the law and taking into account the laws during commercial translation. The knowledge of commercial law and the fact that the terms of the sector are known beforehand by the translator is very important for a high quality and accurate translation.

The Areas Subject to Commercial Translation;

Developing economic activities, spreading your business to new markets and masses, cooperating with foreign partners and providing clear communication in target languages; these are the targets of commercial translation. Then what are the main issues of commercial translation? All the documents in the commercial life and all the documents that are subject to commercial activity are the main subjects of this translation. Examples of these are as follows;

-Trade offers,
-Business plans,
-Marketing strategies and presentations,
-Brochures and magazines,
-Conducted market surveys and reports of products or services,
-Product catalogs,
-E-commerce sites,
-Meeting minutes,
-Drafts of contracts.

Foreign parties who see your commercial documents can best represent your own brand without realizing that it is a translation. All the information required for your services and brand can be delivered to foreign companies or individuals with high quality translation. For one of the key factors to interact with other languages   for commercial translation, Sky Translation is always at your disposal with very attractive prices with its quality.

Why Is Translation of Job Offers Important?

Job offers are one of the main documents sent to potential partners. This proposal text should be simple and understandable as possible. No matter how good the content of the offer is, it is also our duty to be easily understood by the people who use the foreign language. A good translation reveals the whole meaning and style of the original text. In this context, we help our customers persuade possible partners with the translation texts we have prepared.

The Points to Consider in Commercial Translation:

  • Language knowledge is not enough to translate only. Translations by non-expert persons may undermine the reputation of the institution or brand.
  • It is necessary to know the culture of the target language and the habits of the translation of the text.
  • Translations must be made absolutely error free.
  • Translators should remain faithful the main text and the terms should be translated directly without losing their meaning.
  • Working with experts on different topics such as finance, stock exchange, business, investment should be done. Specialized interpreters who do not have a dominant position should not be preferred.
  • It is necessary to have a mastery of terminology related to commercial activity or field.
  • Translations of commercial texts must be closed to interpretation and must be translated in one-to-one.
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