Academic Translation Services

Academic Translation Services;

Academic translation texts have a unique value in people’s lives. Because these texts are different from any document; Academic studies include a wide range of genres, styles and objectives with scientific content. They are written in many fields from theoretical and technical sciences to art and science at extreme points.  Because of its nature, academic articles can cause some serious difficulties when translated into another language. These texts can even challenge the translator in some cases.  Because the fields of some academic articles cover more complex topics; As much as all translators are careful, it does not change the fact that these academic texts require expertise on a different level.

Consider the variations in format and content. For example, physics, chemistry, geology and many other similar areas are quite technical. These titles, which are subject to many articles, protect the mystery of nature and require expertise in translation. The concepts such as physics, chemistry and mathematics are universal and do not differ much from region to region. On the other hand, if we consider the field of literature, transfers from one language to another are often very complicated, and they need to be supported by speech languages, local languages, and metaphorical languages. A subject that expresses great significance in one culture can be completely lost in another. Social sciences require more difficulty and attention. The topics include ideologies and concepts that change according to time and space. And it usually means a different meaning for each country. As can be understood from this point, each area has different expertise and key points.

Why Academic Document Translation…

After you have prepared your academic articles, you may be worried that your thoughts will be lost and meaning lost during translation into other languages. Our expert translation team, which has expertise, academic translation requirements and terminology, is always at your service on this subject. Whatever your thesis is, from research paper, summary, conference text, academic article, medical, life sciences, physics, engineering, and business or to finance, we carefully select the expert skills that will deliver your text the correct meaning. How do we get quality in academic paper translation? Our translator, who has the necessary experience in translation according to the content of the subject, does a rigorous work and in the editing stage, the professional editor with strong field knowledge and superior language ability, performs a second review and offers you a perfect translation. This is an important procedure to ensure 100 % quality. Your final file ready for publication is reviewed 4 times before it is sent to you. This 4-stage process includes all the translation and review steps you need for your work.

The Importance of Academic Translation;

When preparing a translation of an academic text, only one obstacle is encountered. Just with good planning, we need to determine what these obstacles are and respond to them in advance. An academic translation is not a description of the original text, but rather a translation of what the document actually says into a different language.  Therefore, written comments, no matter how well-intentioned, are against accuracy. The translation of an academic transcript should be the translation of the document from one language to another. Those who want to evaluate academic records written in English, Turkish or other languages should first submit these documents to a professional and impartial translator. Sky Istanbul Translation becomes activated here for you.

Academic translation covers a wide range of topics ranging from diploma translation to translation of journals or thesis, essays and presentations. Research, reports, assignments and studies in all branches of science are the subjects of academic translation. Some authors may even want to publish academic journals originally written in their own languages. All these issues require proficiency in written expertise, relevant knowledge, resources and target languages.

Given the weight and importance of documents that need to be translated, you should not take any risk. Academic document translation requires special training and expertise. For example, you would like to publish a magazine or send translation to a university as part of your documents or present it for your business. Imagine using a reputable translation service or an amateur translation, you can imagine how much risk you are at risk. By utilizing from Sky Istanbul Translation’s services, you will ensure that your academic work is professionally managed and carefully translated under the supervision of our experts.

Review Your Academic Essay…

We recommend that you review and edit your academic documents one last time before the translation service is received. Before the final translation occurs, you must make sure that the product to be translated is correct. The final checks will help you and your team to make the process work better. Also, if there are reference materials, they should be added. In this way, the translator can confirm the necessary abbreviations and rare terms or phrases that he should know. The purpose of this is to ensure that academic documents are handled without errors. With academic article translation service, the text from source language to target language must be accurately translated and checked.

Academic Translation Will Provide You with the Following Benefits:

  • Translation into grammatical rules and nuances of the language in English or any other language without losing time to obtain product by dealing with the academic terminology;
  • Getting a high quality service, as you are familiar with foreign academic sources and without errors, and ensuring that the text is translated and edited;
  • Translating technical terms and texts in specific areas is a process that requires resources, experience and skills. It is possible to eliminate differences in translations into different languages and maintain the meaning of academic text with specialized translators.
  • Our specialists provide translation services in accordance with the culture and rules of the relevant field when translating.
  • There is no difference between academic texts being 200 or 5000 words. Good planning and results are required for each text. Thanks to professional planning and expertise to reach the target language with zero errors is possible.
The technical translations and the subject of the documents we serve are as follows:

– Research Translation
– Scientific Translation
– Student Translation
– Homework Translation
– Thesis Translation
–Presentation Translation
–Project Translation
–Field Translation
–Publication Translation
– Text Translation
–Diploma Translation
– Course Documents Translation
– Student Documents Translation
– Certificates Translation
– Exam Certificates Translation
– School Papers Translation
– Application Documents Translation

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