Simultaneous (concurrent) Translation; simultaneous translation service   that we offer in Meetings, Conferences, Seminars etc.

Our simultaneous interpretation services are offered to you by our experienced simultaneous interpreters with the highest ability in language knowledge and technical expertise with an advanced degree, diction, smooth speech talent.    

In simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter is located in a room with microphone and headphone isolated from the external environment. He hears speaker's words with headphones and simultaneously translates to target language; Translations are transmitted through the microphone to the audience. In an average six-hour working day, simultaneous interpreter translates the material equivalent to 65 printed pages. In a conference or meeting interpreters work in periods for 6 hours of simultaneous   translation in one day   maximum. Simultaneous translation is preferred, especially in multi-lingual meetings. 

Interpreters do not work alone in meetings in excess of 1.5 hours in any way, for meetings in excess of 1.5 hours a second interpreter is appointed. Working time of a two-person team of interpreter may not exceed 2 x 3 hours. In meetings where total working time exceeds 6 hours   teams of three interpreters are involved.

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